We want patients to have a superior real-life experience

MC2 Therapeutics is a privately held clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in dermatology and ophthalmology.

Using our proprietary PAD™ Technology we are developing a pipeline of new topical drugs with superior real-life clinical profiles designed for optimal patient compliance. We aim to provide a unique experience for patients and an attractive benefit to value proposition for payers.

Many topical diseases are chronic and require life-long treatment why adherence is critical. It is a major problem that patients do not like to use some of the otherwise most efficacious topical therapies available. Our patient centric approach is dual – the most efficacious and safe API’s delivered in elegant formulations that patients will want to use everyday.

We are satisfied when patients using PAD™ based drugs feel free to engage with other people and be as active and social as they want during treatment.


We are dedicated to developing new topical drugs and medical devices that patients will want to use

Read all about our platform, pipeline and purpose in our corporate presentation.

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