Best-in-class topical drugs that patients want to use

Skin and eye diseases negatively affect the appearance and quality of life why patients are highly involved in the choice of therapy. Patients want therapies that are safe, efficacious and convenient to use in everyday life – in particular in the case of life-long chronic diseases.

More than 85% of patients with psoriasis use topicals. The most potent topicals are superior to oral and biologic treatments in clearing skin within the first 4 weeks of treatment. In addition, they are safer. However, the majority of patients do not like to use such topical drugs because they are greasy Vaseline-like ointments that stain clothes and bedding. Patients have to plan their daily routines and social life around application of the drug, which significantly affects quality of life and patient compliance. The result is patient dissatisfaction and sub-optimal real-life efficacy of the prescribed therapies. These dynamics motivate patients to shift to more elegant but inferior topicals and/or much more expensive systemic therapies.

PAD™ Technology uniquely enables formulation of best-in-class API’s into differentiated elegant cream based drugs and eye drop with an unsurpassed combination of efficacy, safety and patient acceptability.

Our current pipeline includes programs in major chronic topical diseases such as psoriasis, pruritus and dry and sensitive skin and eyes:

MC2-01 PAD™ Cream

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Active ingredient: Calcipotriene/betamethasone dipropionate
Indication: Mild to moderate psoriasis

MC2-03 PAD™ Eye Drop

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Active ingredient: Ciclosporin
Indication: Moderate to severe dry eye

MC2-11 PAD™ Cream

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Active ingredient: Tacrolimus
Indication: Inverse psoriasis & AD

MC2-16 PAD™ Cream

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Active ingredient: Calcipotriene 
Indication: Mild to moderate psoriasis

MC2-21 PAD™ Cream

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Medical Device
Indication: Dry and itchy skin

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