A superior treatment experience is more effective

We are committed to optimize the patient experience for patients with chronic inflammatory skin conditions by introducing novel topical therapies designed to combine fast relief of symptoms with high convenience in daily routines. Higher satisfaction and less discontinuation address the needs of patients, physicians and societies.

Our approach is enabled by our innovative formulation platform – PAD ™ Technology – which allows us to go beyond technical limitations of conventional formulations such as creams, lotions and develop a new class of cream designed for high user satisfaction. You will feel it the moment you try it and know it the more you use it – a companion for life.

Effect: PAD ™ Technology enables optimization of key formulation parameters relevant to the delivery of active ingredients into the target tissue. Thereby we aim to release of the full potential of active ingredients.

Tolerability: PAD ™ based creams can be made with multi-fold less emulsifiers/surfactants compared to conventional creams and lotions thereby enabling creams designed for high tolerability on sensitive skin.

Compliance: Topicals need to be easy and convenient to handle for people in daily routines and shall not negatively affect the appearance of the skin after application. PAD ™ creams are designed for easy and precise application on small or large body surface areas and to be fast absorbing and non-greasy allowing the user to quickly proceed in daily routines without risk of staining clothes, bedding, furniture etc.

Read more about our  pipeline of  PAD ™ based drug candidates here.


We are dedicated to respond beyond expectations by redefining topical therapies and patient treatment experience.

Read all about our platform, pipeline and purpose in our corporate presentation.

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