We want patients to have a superior real-life experience

MC2 Therapeutics is a privately held emerging pharmaceutical company committed to build leadership in new innovative topical therapies for chronic inflammatory conditions that helps patients minimize the burden of disease.

Using our proprietary PAD™ Technology we are developing a new standard of innovative topical therapies for chronic inflammatory conditions designed to be a life companion for patients. We strive to provide new therapies that minimizes the impact of the disease in daily life by providing fast and effective relief of symptoms, while being very pleasant to use in daily routines. A new upgraded experience for patients and an improved benefit to value proposition for payers and physicians.

Studies show that many chronic diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, dry eye and dry itchy skin that are visible on the patient negatively affects the self-esteem and quality of life of many patients. Patient may feel even further stigmatized if their therapy affects their appearance or stain clothes and bedding because it makes their skin greasy and/or shiny or if it is difficult and time consuming to apply and use.

We are committed to introduce a paradigm shift in topicals by enabling PAD™ based therapies that patients will want to use every day.

We are satisfied when patients using PAD™ based therapies feel free to engage with other people and be as active and social as they want during treatment.


We are dedicated to developing new topical drugs and medical devices that patients will want to use

Read all about our platform, pipeline and purpose in our corporate presentation.

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