Enabling new superior topical therapies that patients want to use

Skin and eye diseases negatively affect the appearance and quality of life, why patients are highly involved in the choice of therapy. Patients deserve and are looking for therapies that are not only safe and efficacious, but also convenient and easy to use in daily routines – in particular in the case of life-long chronic diseases.

Sometimes new topical therapies are difficult to develop for reasons of stability or solubility of the active ingredients or due to difficulties in delivering active ingredients into the target tissue in the skin or eyes. This often results in the termination of development of otherwise promising new therapies or in suboptimal formulations of the products that patients do not like to use e.g. as they are greasy (stain clothes and bedding) or causes stinging and burning in the skin or in the eyes. Patients are likely not to use such inferior products as prescribed resulting in poor real-life efficacy and satisfaction. These dynamics motivate patients to stop therapies, shift to more convenient, but inferior topical products or to shift to much more expensive systemic (oral or injectable) therapies that suppresses the entire immune system.

PAD™ Technology uniquely enables new topical formulations of difficult potent active ingredients into creams or eye drops (PAD™ vehicles), that are very pleasant for patients to use in daily routines, while providing unsurpassed delivery of the active ingredients into the target tissue. This enables introduction of a new range of active ingredients into topical therapies and an opportunity to significantly upgrade existing leading drugs. PAD™ Vehicles enables a new standard in topical therapies by releasing the full potential of active ingredients in formulations preferred by patients.

Our current pipeline includes programs in major chronic topical diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, uremic pruritus, dry skin and dry eyes:

MC2-01 PAD™ Cream

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Active ingredient: Calcipotriene/betamethasone dipropionate
Indication: Mild to moderate psoriasis

MC2-03 PAD™ Eye Drop

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Active ingredient: Ciclosporin
Indication: Moderate to severe dry eye

MC2-11 PAD™ Cream

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Active ingredient: Tacrolimus
Indication: Atopic Dermatitis

MC2-16 PAD™ Cream

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Active ingredient: Calcipotriene 
Indication: Mild to moderate psoriasis

MC2-02 PAD™ Cream

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Medical Device
Indication: Uremic Pruritus

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