Defining tomorrow of topical therapies for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions 

MC2 Therapeutics is uncovering new topical therapies within the field of autoimmune and inflammatory conditionsWe are proud to take leadership in setting a new standard powered by our PAD Technology, our research into the root causes of poorly understood autoimmune and chronic inflammatory conditions and our ability to effectively execute on development of best in class or first in class innovative topical therapies. Example is our recently US FDA approved Wynzora® Cream for treatment of plaque psoriasis.1

Inflammatory painful and/or visible conditions on the skin or in the eyes may negatively affect the self-esteem and quality of life of patients. Topicals in themselves may be burdensome for the patient when applied on the skin or in the eyes. Therefore, people living with autoimmune or inflammatory conditions are highly involved in the choice of topical therapies. There is a major unmet need to significantly upgrade the patient treatment experience with topical therapies that – in one single product  can provide the three essentials:

(i) EFFICACY: Fast onset and high efficacy; (ii) TOLERABILITY: Favorable tolerability and safety profile; (iii) ADHERENCE: Formulations that motivates high adherence and drives patient preference.

Topical therapies may be difficult to develop for reasons of poor stability, lack of solubility of the active ingredients or difficulties in delivering active ingredients into the target tissue through the barrier of the skin or the eyes. This often results in compromised formulations that do not release the full potential of the active ingredients or that people do not like to use in their daily routines, due to suboptimal efficacy, greasiness (stain clothes and bedding), tolerability issues or because they cause stinging and burning.2

Inferior topical formulations raise discontinuation rates of therapy, dissatisfaction and increase switching to other topicals or much more expensive systemic therapies (orals or biologics).3

PAD™ Technology uniquely enables new standard of topical formulations tailored to release the full potential of active ingredients and to be tolerable and pleasant to use in daily routines. They are designed to motivate high adherence and thereby efficacy in real-world setting – all in a single product – no compromises.

In addition to major indications such as plaque psoriasis our current pipeline is focused on indications where the pathology is poorly understood and there are currently no approved treatments such as uremic pruritus, lichen sclerosus and Sjogren dry eye.

To support our patient holistic approach, we will also continue to add more products to our biomee™ skin care line designed for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin.

Strong pipeline focusing on first or best-in-class topicals for major I&I conditions

1) US Prescribing Information www.wynzora.com
2) Fouere, Adjadj and Pawin 2005
3) Bewley A, Page B. Maximizing patient adherence for optimal outcomes in psoriasis. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 2011; 25 (Suppl 4): 9–14

MC2-03 PAD ™ Eye Drop Sjogren Syndrome Dry Eye

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Active ingredient: Ciclosporin
Indication: Moderate to severe dry eye

MC2-25 PAD ™ Cream

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Active ingredient: Undisclosed
Indication: Uremic pruritus and associated dry skin

MC2-27 PAD ™ Cream

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Active ingredient: Undisclosed
Indication: Lichen Sclerosus

MC2-11 PAD ™ Cream

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Active ingredient: Tacrolimus
Indication: Atopic Dermatitis

MC2-22 PAD ™ Cream

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Active ingredient: Crisaborole 
Indication: Mild to moderate atopic dermatitis

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