Releasing the full potential of API’s

Our PAD™ Technology offers several unique advantages in the development of potent innovative new topical therapies for auto-immune and inflammatory conditions, including stability, tolerability, delivery to target tissue and convenience of use in daily routines.

PAD™ Technology characteristics

Traditionally, oil and water are combined with emulsifiers to bind them together. When high quantities of emulsifiers are used, it can cause a “wash out” of the skin’s own protective substances, such as the multilamellar lipids, when rinsed. Too much emulsifier can also cause stinging or burning in fissured or broken skin.

PAD™ formulations are special made oil-in-water dispersions in which the internal oil phase is stabilized by encapsulation in a multimolecular robust aqueous film of emulsifiers. Each PAD™ droplet maintains its own physical-chemical stability without the need of excessive presence of emulsifiers in the external phase and can be made with 10-15-fold less emulsifiers compared to conventional emulsions. This makes PAD™ formulations highly tolerable even on sensitive tissue.

The manufacturing of PAD™ formulations affords unsurpassed versatility in selection of pharmaceutical grade oils, solvents, surfactants, preservatives and other ingredients of choice. PAD™ vehicles can be made in a variety of dosage forms.

Our ambition was to address all four key areas:

  • Chemical stability: Protects molecules from water
  • Physical stability: Reduced risk of droplet collapse enables a broader formulation space for stability and solubility
  • Tolerability: Several fold less emulsifiers compared to conventional creams and lotions
  • Delivery – efficacy: Fully solubilized active ingredients, optimal saturation, and optimal delivery of actives to target tissue

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