Releasing the full potential of API’s

Our PAD ™ Technology enables a new class of creams and eye drops (PAD ™ Vehicles) that offer a number of unique advantages in the development of new topical therapies for chronic inflammatory conditions.

PAD ™ Technology characteristics

PAD ™ Vehicles are special made oil-in-water dispersions in which the internal oil phase is stabilized by encapsulation in a thin yet robust aqueous film of surfactants. The manufacturing of PAD ™ Vehicles affords unsurpassed versatility in selection of pharmaceutical grade oils, solvents, surfactants, preservatives and other ingredients of choice. In a nutshell each PAD ™ droplet maintains its own physical-chemical stability without the need of excessive presence of surfactants in the external phase. Consequently, PAD ™ formulations are characterized by very low amounts of surfactants compared to conventional creams and lotions. PAD ™ Technology offers an expanded formulation space and PAD ™ Vehicles can be made in a variety of dosage forms. For more information, please visit

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