Releasing the full potential of API’s

Our PAD™ Technology is a new class of vehicle offering a number of unique advantages in the development of new topical drugs.

PAD™ Technology characteristics

PAD™ vehicles are special made oil-in-water dispersions in which the internal oil phase is stabilized by encapsulation in a thin yet robust aqueous film of surfactants. The manufacturing of PAD™ vehicles requires no special excipients and affords unsurpassed versatility in selection of pharmaceutical grade oils, solvents, surfactants, preservatives and other ingredients of choice. In a nutshell each PAD™ droplet maintains its own physical-chemical stability without the need of excessive presence of surfactants in the external phase. Consequently, PAD™ formulations are characterized by very low amounts of surfactants. PAD™ Technology offers an expanded formulation space and can be made in a variety of dosage forms.

Tailor-made advantages

PAD™ vehicles are tailor-made to meet the target product profile for a specific product candidate. Key features of the PAD™ vehicles are (i) superior penetration, (ii) improved solubility of API’s, (iii) stability of difficult API’s, (iv) high tolerability, (iv) elegant feel, superior spreadability, rapid absorption, user convenience, (v) allow dispensing from airless pump containers and (vi) patented.


PAD™ vehicles are manufactured in modules at room temperature.. The rheology of PAD™ vehicles can be tailored to match the required characteristics of feel, drag and finish.

PAD™ vehicles enable release of the full potential of API’s.

Examples where key features of PAD™ vehicles are enabling in formulation development


STABILITYPresence of water causes instability of certain API’s – e.g. calci (pH > 8) and BDP (pH 4-6)

Non-aqueous ointments are used

PAD™ vehicle unique structure protects API’s from degradation
PENETRATIONAPI’s are difficult to deliver into skin – e.g. tacrolimus and ciclosporin

Ointments are traditionally known to deliver well

PAD™ vehicle provides superior delivery of API’s into skin and eyes

TOLERABILITYConventional oil-in-water dispersions can cause irritation in eyes and on skinPAD™ vehicle can be made to prevent irritation
SOLUBILITYAPI is difficult to solubilize

Keep in suspension, in low concentration, formulate in ointment or other sub-optimal compromise

PAD™ vehicle enables flexibility in increasing API solubility
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